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Published Aug 16, 21
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Shutterstock makes managing your content very easy. Their dashboard contains all sort of detailed information, be it about the locations of the buyer or the performance of your more popular photos. Taking all this data into account, you can then make conclusions about what to photograph and upload next time around.

Mose people familiar with Etsy think of it as a great place to shop for handmade original presents - adobe stock. But that does not diminish its relevance as a place to sell your photographs. This guide explains in detail all the ways you can sell your photos on Etsy. Why should you pick Etsy as the platform for selling your photographs? For one, Etsy has a huge audience and an army of fans.

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Another plus is getting to choose the prices of your own photographs. However, there is a downside: succeeding on Etsy demands a lot of marketing and might not be the best option for newbies or people with limited time on their hands. It is also important to keep in mind that not every great photo is a great Etsy photo.

Which photos sell well on Etsy? The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, physical prints, since a lot of people use Etsy for interior design. Don’t wanna worry about printing and shipping prints of your photos? Then just sell digital prints and have the client take care of the rest.

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But make sure you’re relatively well-promoted for this one. Alamy might not be the most popular option for selling stock images, as it has fewer users than some alternatives but it can still be a decent option for you. According to the website, your rights as an author are gonna be reserved and you will have no copyright issues.

i, Stock, one of the two most popular websites where you can sell your photos online, still has a few disadvantages alongside its many advantages - adobe stock. It’s a wonderful place to get started with, as the website structure and rules for getting started are very simple. However, you’ll only be paid 15% of the money made by selling your image, at least initially.

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But you can, if you choose to, become exclusive with i, Stock and reap all the benefits. It’s like having an “exclusivity talk,” basically. Oh, and did we mention their submission platform is pretty terrible? They use the same one as Getty, which means it looks outdated and doesn’t make for a nice user experience, to say the least.

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Having been in the big market for more than 10 years, it’s one of the oldest stock image selling markets, even though it has existed under its current name for only three years. Getting straight to the point, the royalty share varies from 20% to 60% depending on your popularity and commitment, and the payments to contributors are made on a monthly basis.