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Published Sep 09, 21
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The stock images website is one of the best places to sell your photos as it provides a user-friendly platform that’s far easier to access than some other high-profile stock sites. A significant difference with this website is that you can still create a personal gallery – more like Smug, Mug or Pic-Time.

You can expect to take home 25% for each image sold for non-exclusive images and 27% for exclusive – not a huge incentive to go exclusive. However, as you sell more and gain popularity, the commission can increase to almost 50%. One of the most significant issues with using stock photography sites is the upload process.

As a result, with the single Adobe ID, you can edit your images and then upload them directly to your Adobe Stock account. Adobe Stock works in much the same way as a website like Shutterstock. As an Adobe Stock photographer, you have free access to Adobe Portfolio to build your own custom online photo gallery and site.

To get your work on Getty Images, you have to be accepted after a rigorous approval process that looks closely at the quality and consistency of your work. Getty has some pretty strict terms and conditions for a photographer wanting to sell photos online. However, it’s interesting to point out that Getty Images only accepts applications via their Contributor mobile app.

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If you feel that Getty Images is a little out of your reach, fortunately, they have an alternative. i, Stock Photo is a microstock website created by Getty Images that’s suited to less experienced photographers and contributors selling photos online. It’s worth pointing out that a lot of stock sites refer to photographers as contributors.

By far, the site is one of the most popular ways to sell photos online – especially for those that shoot fine art, landscapes, and works that look great in a lounge room or corporate office. Fine Art America is one of the largest online marketplaces for the sale of photos.

The best way to manage this is by setting up a dropshipping relationship with a printing company - photography job. Many larger printing companies will offer to drop ship – they receive the file, print, pack and post all for a fixed cost. Etsy attracts a lot of traffic, and their pricing includes a small fee to post a sale item online along with a transaction fee after the sale.

In addition, candid photos sell better than posed shots and having a person looking away is better than facing the lens. Finally, a person in a wide-angle shot is currently preferred over close-up face-shots if selling photos of people. Again, it all depends on what the stock photo website is looking for.

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There are art sites that allow you to sell your work online as exclusive, limited-run or on-demand prints. By far, one of the most popular is Fine Art America – a site dedicated to the sale of quality art photos. The downside of a big popular website is that it has a massive selection of photographers and prints – your humble entry may get lost in the crowd.

The platform is easy to navigate, and book creation is straightforward thanks to the downloaded software. While you can simply have these books printed and posted to you for personal use, Blurb offers sales alternatives. You can have an ISBN assigned to your book and post it for sale on the Blurb Bookstore – an online store that overflows with creative photo books.

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If you already have a site dedicated to your photography work with stunning galleries, consider optimising it with an e-commerce extension. Sites such as Word, Press offer the ability to build public and private galleries to display your photos. By adding an e-commerce plugin to your existing Word, Press site, you can make money on the sale of your images.

An online gallery is an excellent backup for storing your photographs instead of investing in another hard drive. While sites like Word, Press make it simple to build a gallery and add a blog, they’re not set up for e-commerce “out of the box”. As discussed above, you need to invest in and set up an e-commerce plugin to sell photos.

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These websites offer various plans with varying levels of storage and features, making them ideal for professional event photographers. But, many provide a basic and affordable product ideal for those that wish to sell their photos online. There are many benefits for a photographer building their site to promote their content and sell photographs to make money.